Employee Spotlight: Sue H.

ESi will be doing an employee spotlight as we move forward so that we can all get to know our coworkers a bit better. Our first employee to volunteer is Sue! We did a Q&A to learn more about her. Read what she said below.

Q: How long have you worked at ESi?

A: I have been at ESi for 16 years and I am currently the only female stockholder at ESi.  I am employee number 21!

Q: What do you do at work?

A: I do a variety of tasks at our customer’s facility; requirements management, business management, process management and technical writing /editing.

Q: What is your job title and who do you work with?

A: I am a Senior Analyst, working with the Intelligence Community (IC), especially one of our biggest partners.

Q: Anything fun/interesting you’re working on?

A: The office I support is charged with getting all 17 IC agencies to share data on a common network.  The technical challenges of doing that are very complex and politically charged.  Not everyone wants to share their data and no one wants to change the way they do business today. Think of it as getting your entire extended family to agree on one place they want to go on vacation – next to impossible!

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your personal time?

A: In my spare time, I love to take macro photographs of beautiful things in nature, especially flowers.  I have created greeting cards, wall hangings and a calendar with my photos.  I am a Christian leader in Bible Study Fellowship, an international bible study of over 200 local women.  Think of it as a master’s level bible course!  I also attend Jazzercise and walk with my husband in the morning.  My other hobby is collecting angel ornaments for our “Angel” Christmas tree…I’m close to 500 and need a bigger tree next year!

Q: Are you involved in any community activities?

A: Currently, I am the Vice President of our church congregation which means I go to lots of meetings and help guide church and school policies.  It is interesting, challenging at times, yet rewarding volunteer work.  There are many opportunities to help others, provide assistance, go on social outings and just be with good friends.

Q: What’s your personality like?

A: My friends would say I am deeply spiritual, fun-loving, a good listener and try to see the good side of every situation.  One recently said “Sue will walk along with you in good times and bad, either sharing the lemonade or making it for you.”

My siblings would say I am the “sensitive one” who always cries at movies!  I am fourth out of five children raised in Glen Burnie (Go Gophers!).  My parents, both gone now, worked hard to provide for our family.  One Italian, one German/Irish – there was never a dull moment!

Q: Would you like to talk about your family? Or any big life events that has come up or is coming up soon?

A: I met my husband, Jerry, on a blind date set up by mutual friends.  He lived in Egypt at the time, and then liked me so much he moved further away to Korea!  When he finally got home, we were able to date like a normal couple.  We have been married 28 years and still like to just be together doing nothing…like THAT ever happens!  We have one son, Christopher, 25, who is the joy of our life.

Q: What has been life’s biggest challenge?

A: Christopher entered the world prematurely at 24 weeks (that’s just 6 months), weighing just one pound and nine ounces.  He looked like a skinned rabbit and was given a 40% chance of survival.  He has faced many physical (blind in one eye, can’t see well out of the other) and mental (on the Autistic spectrum) challenges during his life but always comes through with a smile.  He is now working at Wegman’s part time and is a productive member of society.  He loves animals, especially cats, and is tender hearted.  Like his Mom, he cries at movies, too!

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