ESi 2018 Fall Fling

On Tuesday, October 16th, ESi met at Diamondback Brewing Company, located in Locust Point of Baltimore. This appropriately titled Fall Fling certainly felt like a celebration of autumn as the slightly overcast skies and crisp breeze held steady – deterring most from participating in ESi corn-hole. Instead almost everyone opted to stay warm inside, listen to music, enjoy freshly brewed craft beer and catch up with coworkers. We even had the pleasure of meeting some new faces who wanted learn a little more about ESi.


One of Diamondbacks lead bartenders gave us a glimpse into the brewing process and shared stories of how they come up with ideas for seasonal flavors. Oh, and we met the very confident brewery cat, Inky.


BricknFire Pizza served up delicious wood-fired pizza, impressively made on premise. We were lucky enough to be given TONS of extra pizza to take with us!

Finally, one of ESi’s summer interns. Luke, won a Nintendo Classic by entering our referral raffle contest!


Thank you again to Diamondback, BricknFire and all who came out! Happy Fall!

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