ESi Game Night

ESi’s January monthly mingle was a new event brought into the mix: Game Night!

Employees and friends gathered in our conference rooms for board games, Wii bowling & fencing, Nintendo Switch racing, and VIVE, Virtual Reality games.

The fan favorite of the board games was Telestrations, played by a large group. To explain it in the simplest way, it was a game of Pictionary mixed with whisper-down-the-lane.

A new board game we learned was Word on the Street. This game was unique in that it allowed you to play either individually or in teams, but your teammates could come and go as they please, which came in handy for an event such as this. It is a word based game and the object is to claim letter tiles from the game board before the other team. If you are clever at thinking up obscure words quickly, this game is for you.

As board games were played, the Wii bowling competition ensued. The winner, Eric L finished with a record shattering 179.

Next was the fencing competition, won by Glenn D!

Kids took turns playing games on the VIVE, ESi’s Virtual Reality Console which employees are welcome to rent and take home at their leisure.

All in all, game night was a win! Congratulations to the competition winners, we look forward to holding another game night in the future.

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