In loving memory: Kristin Jackson

The ESi family is heartbroken by the loss of our colleague and dear friend, Kristin Jackson. Kristin will be remembered for her kind and friendly demeanor, along with her tireless work ethic and incredible cooking. She will be missed by her ESi peers and industry colleagues. Please take a moment to remember Kristin.

It is hard to put into words what Kristin meant to me, but I will try.  She was my go-to person in times of need and in times of joy.  She was my prayer partner in times of not knowing what to do or how to handle a situation.  She was an awesome woman of faith and I valued her opinion and insight.  I fondly remember her “Kristin walk” when she had waited too long to run to the ladies room!  She was so proud the first time she wore her red shoes after I encouraged her to wear them more often.  She was a sweet, big-hearted person who made everyone feel welcomed at ESI.  She was a lot of joy in a tiny package!  I hope I can spread love, faith and joy as Kristin did.

Susan H

In addition to her Korean cooking, her chili rocked!  I will miss my conversations with her, her personality, and all her cooking! I’m blessed to have known her.

Kathy C

Kristin was so kind to me during my internship with ESI last summer. Her energy and laughter made me feel welcomed and I always felt like I could talk to her if I had any concerns. My prayers go out to her family, and I hope they know the amazing impact she has had on me and everyone else who has crossed paths with her

Benton D

Kristin was a kind friend and coworker, not to mention a selfless and dedicated mom. Nothing made her more proud or happy than her three children who were the lights of her life. I will miss her tenacious recruiting approach, her incredible homemade Korean dishes and the many laughs we shared as friends. Rest In Peace, Kristin.

Amy S

What a kind and professional person. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Jackson family as well as the ESI family.

Shawn B

Kristin was one of the best recruiters in the field and local market – she knew the tech and the customer space as a recruiter better than most. Moreover, she was a great friend to many of us. I know that I often went to Kristin with questions and to seek her advice on various matters. Her sudden passing is a shock and she will certainly be missed by many. My prayers go out for her and to her family. May she rest in the peace of God and may perpetual light shine upon her for all eternity!

Chris W

Rest In Peace Kristin – I’ll always remember years ago when you donated to one of my relatives who had a specific and challenging medical condition. Every time we saw each other, even many years later, you asked about their progress and always offered your heartfelt concern. You will be missed. Such a warm and loving person. The world needs more like her. Condolences to her Family and Friends.

Erik D

Kristin was such an amazing person. She helped me transition from military into civilian work. Even after she and I left VDTG we would catch up once every couple of months. It Is something she started just to see how I was doing. The kindness she shared and her professionalism will always continue to inspire me. She will be missed. My condolences to her family and friends.

James L

This is hard. Kristin should have had many more years to be a mother, a wife, a friend, a colleague, a collaborator. We had this ongoing joke about ordering steaks for our next lunch – she really appreciated good food and was always ready for a laugh to dispel pressure and stress. And then I remember calling Kristin to have her help me understand some of the tech requirements of difficult searches. She was always well informed, thorough and determined to find the most qualified candidates for her hiring managers. Bye, Kristin, rest in peace, you left us too early.

Vicki D

I remember Kristin as always being ready with a smile, she was a bright light on cloudy days and took the time to genuinely connect with me. She believed in me to the point that I believed it too. We have lost a great friend and she will be sorely missed.


I was talking with Kristin during the beginning of the pandemic and had mentioned to her that I was feeling down and lonely. Her and her husband then drove out to have dinner with me and cheer me up. She was a wonderful person.

John W

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