Jim C. Mentors McLean School of Maryland Robotics Team

Flameboyant Pi

The robotics team from McLean School of Maryland (a high school, see www.mcleanschool.org), mentored by ESi’s Director of Research and Technology Jim Cannaliato, competed in the international Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest (http://www.trinityrobotcontest.org/), held April 7th and 8th. The goal of the contest is for a robot to navigate an eight foot square model house with four rooms and joining hallways, find a lit candle, extinguish it. The robots are completely autonomous, meaning they must operate completely on their own with no remote control.

This is an international competition, with teams from Canada, China, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Israel, and the United States. McLean school’s robotics club entered two robots, Flameboyant Pi, which placed sixth in the high school division, and Thermal Attitude, which placed 12th. Of the remaining top five in the high school division, four were from Israel and one from the United States, placing Flameboyant Pi the second highest ranked team from the USA. It was a great experience for the students and they look forward to competing next year!


Check out this cool video!

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