Maryland Food Bank

On Wednesday, May 15th, employees gathered in Halethorpe at the Maryland Food Bank. After enjoying pizza and learning some facts and fun stories about The MD Food Bank, we were brought to our stations and instructed what to do. The belt turned on and the sorting began!  It took team work and communication to help everyone swiftly find their appropriate items to fill their boxes. We laughed (and sweat!) while trying to keep up with the flow of candies, canned foods and personal items that were piled on to the belt. We impressed ourselves as the completed boxes started to stack on the pallets behind us. Then, as quickly as it began, it came to an end when we realized that we had used up all of the boxes in the warehouse. We left feeling proud that we were able to help others in need…and we had a great time while doing it!

Thanks to the Maryland Food Bank, we cannot wait to get back again!

And thank you to our employees who came to lend a helping hand.


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